NOLI by Inocencio Rolando


Inocencio Rolando | Drama | 8MIN

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2020. An old woman watches as a major network airs its final station ID on television. She calls out a grandchild and asks for something to read, Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal. She stares into space while waiting and a flood of memories come back. We are transported to the Spanish period where religious authorities chastise Rizal’s novel. Rizal is executed. We move to the American period where an American announces that Filipinos seeking independence would be unlawful. We watch the historic staging of Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas at Teatro Libertad where the character Taga-ilog screams Independence. Its playwright Aurelio Tolentino is sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined. We move to WW2 where a Japanese officer announces the removal of American influences in the Philippines. Shooting of the propaganda film Dawn of Freedom where a little boy praises a Japanese soldier. We move to the 70s during the announcement of Martial Law by President Marcos. A journalist is detained. We are back to the present. As the old woman opens her copy of Noli, she panics. A field reporter comes on announcing that the Noli and its various incarnations have disappeared. The old woman, a retired Filipino teacher explains what happened. A representative from the Department of Education makes an appeal to the public: let us contribute what we remember to bring back the work of Jose Rizal.