Sa Bawat Pagsabak Sa Daan by Giulliari Tricia Saavedra

Sa Bawat Pagsabak Sa Daan

Giulliari Tricia Saavedra | Documentary | 8MIN

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Frontliners are not only the nurses, the doctors, and other medical staff; they are also the janitors, the garbage collectors, the journalists, and a lot more. And in this short documentary, we will see the story of another frontliner – the food delivery riders. Along with other brave riders, Raymundo Dacillo – a rider from a well-known food delivery app – faced the threat of the coronavirus to continue live the purpose of the job he is most proud of. As Raymundo prepare for everyday with his motorcycle, a delivery bag, a helmet, and a phone, he would also equip himself with courage, faith, and love for his family, so he can go home safely and provide not just for his family but also for the customers – us, whenever we want something that only these riders can bring us. We all have a quarantine story. And just like any story of people who persevere not only for their own lives, Raymundo’s story deserves to be told around the world; that food delivery riders like him, do not just brave the roads, they brave them along taking the biggest journey – life.