Sa Pag-uwi by Melchor Berja

Sa Pag-uwi

Melchor Berja | Drama | 11MIN

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Lolo and his teen grandson, Nino, are left in the house during pandemic. Lola dies many years ago. Their first-born son, Miguel, his wife and their only son, Nino, are all living with lolo. While his second child, Tita Teresa, is with her family in another city. One lockdown day, Lolo and Nino, are doing their usual chores, to also make them busy and not be anxious of the crisis – cleaning the house, cooking and eating together. Tita Teresa texted Nino that she and her family cannot possibly come home due to lockdown. Nino’s parents normally come home at weekends because they work in one non-government agency helping in the communities. Nino’s mother called to inform him that his Papa Miguel cannot come home anymore because the virus complicates his asthma. Papa Miguel is now dead while his mother needs to quarantine herself. Nino can not tell all these developments to Lolo because these might affect Lolo’s condition. Nino tries to control his emotions. That night, as Lolo is still waiting for Papa Miguel, Tita Teresa and the rest of the family, Nino tries to be strong to honestly tell everything to Lolo in this very special night --- Lolo’s 75th birthday. Tyring to comfort each other, trying to be stronger than ever, the gandson offers his Lolo a song for his birthday. “Uuwi sila,” Lolo says as he tries to be hopeful in the midst of pandemic and crisis.